Horses will be placed in the home most suitable for each individual horse. Horses are seeking permanent adoptive homes and may not be sold, given away or used for breeding. HPAF retains ownership rights to the adopted horses. In the event that the placement does not work out for any reason, the adopted horse must be returned to HPAF, or may be transferred to a new adopter after approval for adoption by HPAF and completion of an adoption agreement before the horse changes possession.

Adoptive homes must have a minimum of 2 acres of grass pasture per horse, horse safe fencing and shelter. Adoption to private homes is preferred as is a natural environment where the adopted horse is living with other horses. All HPAF horses are barefoot and it is great when they can stay barefoot. These horses are suitable for one rider only, not for multiple riders. It is necessary to establish a bond, trust and partnership with your adopted horse.

All un-started, untrained, and green horses require an experienced horse person with a background of training horses and who has a training plan for the horse’s education.

HPAF reserves the right to approve or deny a potential adoptive home at HPAF’s sole discretion.

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Veterinarian Recommended Horse Adoption Tips