HPAF Wish List

The HPAF wish list consists of a wide variety of products and supplies that are essential to the daily operation and care of the horses at HPAF. Products may be mailed or delivered to:

Horse Protection Association of Florida
20690 N.W. 130th Avenue, Micanopy, Florida 32667

Remember, no donation is too small. Anything that you can do to help our horses is greatly appreciated. Contributors to the HPAF wish list will be listed below unless they wish to be kept anonymous. Thank you for your participation!

Feed, Hay & Seed

Feed Store Credit at Chiefland Farm Supply  http://chieflandfarmsupply.net/ 352-493-4294
Purina Equine Senior, Purina Enrich Plus and Purina 12:12 Free Balance Mineral
Feed Store Credit at OBS Feed & Supply, Ocala  http://obfs.com
352-629-8686 T&A Cubes
Feed Store Credit at Tiz Whiz (352) 591-2266  peanut & coastal hay
Feed Store Credit at Larsen Farms Ocala (352) 732-4445 O&A pasture bales
Feed Store Credit at United Hay Sales 352-351-8861

Horse Care Products

Swat (clear)
Zephyr Garden Healing Salves (Stop the Itch, Anti- Fungal and No Fly Zone)
Eqyss Marigold Fly Spray
Eqyss Micro-Tek Anti-Fungal Spray
Eqyss Micro-Tek shampoo
Listerine (for fungus)
Skin So Soft
Show Sheen
Absorbine Green Fly Spray (natural)
Cowboy Magic

Training tools for the horses

Natural Horsemanship 12, 22 & 45 foot lines, Carrot Sticks and Progress Strings
Students of PNH to come to the farm and play with the horses!

Thank you to Parelli Natural Horsemanship for the donation of one 12 ft, one 22 ft line, one carrot stick and the Levels DVD programs!
Thank you Mary Harper for the donation of a Parelli 12 ft line!.

Office Supplies

Flash Drives (new please)
Printer ink cartridges (HP 93, 95, 98 & Brother LC 61)
Forever Postage stamps
Recycled Copy Paper
Black Magic Markers

Farm Equipment and Fencing 

Tractor with Bush Hog and bucket (Our previous tractor was unrepairable)
10 or 12 foot or two Bat Bush Hog
Manure Spreader
Rust and Paint job on 1999 horse trailer

20 or 24 ft length, 7 ft tall (or taller) stock trailer for transporting horses
50 5 ft WW stock panels and gates
Weed eater Chain saw
Blower, gas or electric
Small TV & DVD player for office & for events
Stall mats
Heavy Duty Corn brooms
Manure Forks

Capital Improvements

Your bequest will make it possible for more horses to be helped in the future.

Capital Improvement Goals
A new, dry, suitable farm for the horses
The current HPAF farm is a beautiful property of 189 acres but unfortunately it is very wet and the pastures are under water a part of the year. When the horses stand and graze in water and wet muck it is very detrimental to their hooves. Because of being saturated in water for weeks and months at a time, many of the horses have serious damage to their hooves, their hooves abscess and growing out the damaged area of the hooves takes up to a year. A number of the horses are unsound during the wet season and we have even lost two horses because their hooves were so damaged and painful.
A long term lease or the donation of a high and dry farm in Marion County would allow the horses to be safe, healthy and sound. The current farm which is leased to HPAF for $1 a year will be kept to provide winter pasture and quarantine/ housing for the rescue and initial housing of large numbers/herds of horses.

On the new high and dry farm

Covered arena which will provide a riding, training and event area. The arena perimeter will also serve as a covered area for feeding stalls/pens where the horses can be fed out of the hot sun, storms and cold winter rain.
Intensive Care Barn CBS block barn for treatment and stall rest of debilitated horses. This building could include an office. A dust & leak free area for the computers would be of great benefit.
Housing for interns, working students and veterans for vocational training

Newer Truck
We love our Ford Diesel truck but it has over 200,000 miles. A newer model a safe, reliable truck is needed for transporting horses

Utility Vehicle
Thank you to Kirk Landon and the Kirk Foundation for the donation of a Polaris Ranger Crew Utility Vehicle. This workhorse of a machine is a life saver! It is used to feed the horses twice a day, to traverse the pastures to check horses and fence lines and give tours of the farm.

Training tools for the horses
Natural Horsemanship Halters –Thank you CB Knot Company for the donation of 100 rope halters, they are great!!!
Natural Horsemanship 12, 22 & 45 foot lines, Carrot Sticks and Progress Strings

Funding for the “320 Pasture” Fencing project  $11,000.
**Thank you to Kirk Landon for donating the funds for the 320 fencing project!**

2000 feet of fencing including;
4 ft. no-climb horse fencing
400 – 7” – 8” wooden fence posts,
1200 fence boards
Electric fencing, (insulators, tensioners, gate hooks, stretchers)
Solar fence chargers

Main Pasture Fencing Project $25,000.

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Felburn Sign

New Barn Exterior

New Barn Interior

 Mare Barn, now named Cheyenne's Barn for Cheyenne, our sweet blind Appaloosa who has lived at HPAF since 2001.

Thank you to the Felburn Foundation for the generous grant that allowed for the addition of six stalls to the mare barn. We are so grateful to the Felburn Foundation or their compassion and support for the horses.