Horses Under Saddle


12 year old Thoroughbred mare, raced. Kind mare, good ground manners, lovely mover. Trail and lower level dressage prospect

is a 13 year old, 14 hand Paso Fino, level 2 in Parelli.He has lots of energy and stamina and is now doing two hour rides on easy mountain terrain. He can be spooky in some situations, mostly in busy city environments so he needs a confident experienced rider who can give him confidence if he gets worried. Bongo's true calling has been identified, he is great in the woods and in the mountains where he is not spooky at all when with other horses. He is sure footed and will pick his way over rough terrain. Going down slopes he rates himself, all you have to do is give him his head and he will negotiate downward on his own. He will follow or lead and will do whatever you ask him to, he responds to leg aids, and has a light responsive mouth and goes the same in a halter as well. Seeking a Parelli Savvy adopter who wants to go on adventures and do fun things with Bongo to use his trail horse talents. Watch Video

15:1 hh TB gelding seeking a Parelli home (pictured on right)

Monet, RBE, is super sensitive & needs a quiet, confident, experienced rider (under 160 lbs. please).She is rides out alone away from home with no problem but she does not do as well when ridden at her home and is not at all spooky. For a confident rider she is so much fun to ride.She needs an experienced, soft rider as she is very sensitive to the leg and hand. Monet can get extremely nervous if she is left alone in pasture or elsewhere. Bach remedies (Rescue remedy & custom remedies)and Springtime Daily Calm have a profound effect on her ability to relax. She needs a home where she will be ridden a great deal, such as day long rides or camping trips.

8 yr TB gelding. Buzzy has a low back and needs a lightweight rider. He likes kids and feels less intimidated by them.