Started Under Saddle


11 year old 12:3 hand medium pony. She is an excellent driving prospect  or will be a great partner for a Parelli home. She is well started under saddle, plays the Parelli Seven Games and is ready for further training.

7 year old TB gelding, 15:2 hh. Beautiful mover, Parelli foundation, LBE, great mind, loves attention. Brando lost an eye to a fungal infection recently. He has not been ridden or in training since 2012 and will need restarting. Seeking a Parelli home.

is a 8 year old Paso Fino gelding. Hermoso was abused by a former owner. When he arrived in 2012 he was afraid of people and especially of being touched. Now after two years of proper handling and Parelli he loves to be with people and be fussed over. He was started under saddle as a 4 year old. However when we began tacking him up and sitting on him quietly while he ate grass although he was quiet and relaxed at the time, the saddling and riding brought old fears to the surface. Hermoso became defensive and reactive at times so we know that the saddling and riding triggered this behavior. Hence Hermoso will need a Parelli home who will take the time Hermoso needs to trust his human partner and help him overcome his past abuse and the fears that were instilled in him

is a 6 year old, 13 hand Paso Fino filly, very sweet and loves people. She has a Parelli foundation, was started by a Parelli professional bareback and is ready for further training and a person all her own. Abbey is a Capuchino granddaughter and has a spectacular gait.
Hollywood pretty trot reszdMr Hollywood

Mr. Hollywood is a 15:2 hh Thoroughbred gelding. He is a sweet, affectionate boy who needs a human partner all his own. He was abused by a trainer at age 2 and can be a bit shy at times so needs a confident leader. He had ten days of training from Glenn Stuart in November 2013 which helped him a great deal. Mr. Hollywood is looking for a Parelli home and will excel in anything he does with time invested in him.