There is no fee or donation for companion/unrideable horses. However, HPAF is operated through donation only and your donations are welcomed and always needed. The only way HPAF can continue to be able to care for rescued horses and continue taking in horses in need is through your generosity.

Shetland pony mare.
Hannah has been abused and can get defensive when her neck and from legs are brushed so something must have happened to her in the past. She is sweet and easy to handle, comes when called and once she trusts a person she is fine all the time, even when touching her wary zones. Hannah had anhidrosis ( non sweating) this summer when she was rescued so she should go back north. She came from Tennessee before she was neglected.

is a sweet Thoroughbred gelding who is a great buddy for any horse and a pleasure to have around. He has excellent manners and is a kind and willing boy.

Moo Moo (Mouluki)

17 year old, 16hh  TB gelding, excellent manners, loves people, attention and all other horses. Super affectionate horse who loves to be groomed and fussed over. Outstanding individual Moo Moo cannot be ridden due to an old injury but can play the Parelli Seven Games. Nicest horse to have around, also loves his grass & his herdmates.