Success Stories

Heaven and Peggy Hoyt 



First endurance ride 30 miles

4-Stewarts-12-24-14The Stewart Family adopted April in December 2014
Stewart's-Kissy-Nellie-2-2-The Stewart Family adopted Kissy and Donde in 2010 and Nellie in 2011
Sequyoh-&-Nicole-Vreeland-SNicole Vreeland adopted Sequyoh
Paris Nove 2014Amy Sperling adopted Paris
Bo adopted by Susan Allen
Elmo adopted by Kim Benson
Gulliver & Michael Alway 4-26-10
Jaguar adopted by Dr. Erin Hughes DVM
JJ & Molly Smith August 11 2013
Kim Benson & Precious
Lady & Luzette Kincade
Lone Wolfe & Jan Cross
Madge Gunia, Janice Hastings & Hope
Matteo & KC LaPierre 2-3-08
Miss Red Sharon & Victoria
Robin Brosmer & Ranger 1-2012
Romeo adopted by Jane Whitehurst
Surprise & Rich Miller
Jo Harder and Peaches finished their first 50-mile endurance ride together in December.  Peaches is a Thoroughbred that Jo adopted from HPAF in late 2011.  “We finished the ride after sunset.  We were both tired, and I had to totally trust her trotting on the trail with only a small amount of peripheral lighting.  It was a remarkable bonding experience.”  The American Endurance Ride Council (AERC) and the Jockey Club are now recognizing Thoroughbreds riding endurance.

Lex & Kim
Nice write up in actha newsletter & in yours.  Could you imagine Lex excelling at competitive trail?  We have done 4 actha rides past 2 months...more>>>
Fuzzy Cooper & Patty
Hannah & Linda McCartney
Karen Powell & Fancy
Laurel Allen & Lady Hollywood
Maggie Kotuk & Pie
Stacy & Zen
Tana Mason & Beauty
Dream and Vickie Ford
Daisy-Mule and Gail Stern
Figment and Joanie Bauer
Kathy Lambert and Casben
Katy & KC Nichoalds & Safiro
Lolly and Joanie Bauer
Lynn Conderman and Chic Soho Ardente
Patty Maddox and Deva
Princess with Lee and Betty Williams
Ruby and Jennifer Elliott
Sasha and Family
Sharon Trump and Calamity
Sue Tobin and Victoria
Sunny D and Kelly Vineyard
VJ and Pat O'Conner adopted Peanut
Afire and Marsha Peddicord
Betty and Leyland Williams & On The Hop
Cassie Daniel & Debbie
Christine Donald & Brave Ruler
Cowboy Beau & Susan Olsen
Shatar and Sharon Byrne
Tsultaya & Donna Wartman
To my surprise & delight, my good friend Madge Gunia adopted an Arabian mare from Horse Protection Association in 2005 More >>>
Jessie and Karen Goshe
Sterling and Bri Cianelli
Belle and Jane Turmil
Ali and Carolyn Blakeslee
Lady and Alex Rodeck
Titan and Christin Wood
Molly and Amy Glick
When I saw Cleo first she was a pitiful little thing to see. She was terrified of being touched and ran in terror as a person approached. In a stall she would climb the walls trying to get away from a person. It took More >>>
It's been a while, so thought I'd give you an update on Rochelle.  She's doing really well, and is such a sweet, sweet girl. Her confidence is like night and day since she joined us at the More >>>
I took Roxy to a dressage show on Saturday in Tallahassee. My trainer, Kathy Daley has been riding her and making great progress. She rode her in Intro B, More >>>
Well, I had Dylan in his Parelli Bare Back pad and we were trotting around a little bit and he went into a canter for me.  For the first time since I've had him, I cantered bareback.  It was so awesome More >>>
Dutch and Gabe Alway
 Click here to see the amazing before and after photos of Dutch.
Anna Peterson and Missy at their first show at Canterbury. Photo by Palmer Photos.
Boomer was adopted by April Dahl.

Hollywood was adopted by Shirley Bussmann.

Chica was adopted by Jo Harder.
Tsultaya and adoptive mom Madge Gunia. Madge used to have, and actually delivered Tsultaya’s granddam.
Liz was adopted by Jennifer Elliott.
Gigi Howard and April.
Flower was one of thirteen horses rescued by South Florida SPCA in July 1998. Flower now lives at Swan Center Monastery in Colorado.