Volunteers Keep Horse Protection Going!

olunteers are an essential part of the daily operations at Horse Protection. Volunteers are the backbone of our program and we always have volunteer opportunities available. There are no words to describe the rewarding experience you will gain from becoming a Horse Protection volunteer.

Here is what Tamara Hoyland said after her first time participating as a Horse Protection volunteer:

I wanted to thank you for my “experience” at Horse Protection Association of Florida. I have been emotionally changed. When I left Saturday my feet were soaked, I was wet, dirty, and I loved every minute of it. I have not been able to stop thinking of Horse Protection and the team there and the enormous undertaking of this Association.

After reading all of the literature and newsletters, I was so moved by the stories, and the wonderful people involved and helping. I must tell you I was heartbroken by the story of the slaughterhouse, I had no idea, and the multiple stories of neglect, etc. I felt so insignificant, and what could I offer, what could I do, I do not have the talents or the experience of this team, but I feel I have to do something, anything!

I will be “campaigning” for Horse Protection for sponsorship and donations. I will talk to those I know. I will persuade others to support financially and hopefully make some difference.

I feel very “privileged” to volunteer and learn. I was thrown from a horse when I was a young girl and have never been back on. I have always loved horses and admired them but have not been around them since being a child. I hope to have the privilege to have horses someday, but have so much to learn and understand the responsibility and dedication it will take—that is one of the reasons I wanted to volunteer, to learn—and of course most importantly help.

– Tamara Hoyland

To become a Horse Protection volunteer please Contact Us.