History & Mission

Who We Are

The mission of Horse Protection is to provide equine rescue, rehabilitation, education, and adoption services within the state of Florida. To provide assistance to law enforcement and animal agencies with cruelty investigations and the care and placement of horses. To promote and teach horse care and humane, natural methods of training for horses.

Where We Came From

In April of 1990 Horse Protection Association of Florida was incorporated after being started by it’s original executive director, Morgan Silver, in 1987. More than 30 years later, hundreds of horses have been saved from neglect and abuse thanks to Horse Protection’s tireless efforts. Learn more about Horse Protection’s current leadership here.

Where We Are Going

Horse Protection Association of Florida will proudly maintain its mission which is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating starved, neglected, and abandoned horses. These horses are offered a renewed life with the best of care. They are protected by loving and caring humans who are devoted to their bright futures. Although some of the horses who are rescued can be fostered or adopted, many of the horses at HPAF live out the rest of their lives here at our facility requiring the community to support them through donations.

Strategic Plan Goals 2021-2024:

  1. To position the Association economically wherein it can provide continued quality care and security for all the horses. This includes maximizing donation opportunities as well as securing a new location for the horses wherein they can be better protected from the Florida wet weather and where our equine facilitated learning services to the community can be easily offered on site at the Association. 
  2. To establish new partnerships and relationships with community agencies, corporations, and schools for the purpose of collaboration. 
  3. To engage the community with HPAF’s Programs.
  4. To create a written and specified plan for providing Natural Horsemanship training for the horses within the Association’s care. This plan includes education for the HPAF staff, interns, and volunteers.
  5. To increase and efficiently manage staff, interns, and volunteers, to secure functional farm equipment and to create an emergency plan for the horses in our care so that the farm operates at its most efficient level possible.