Spirit Walk Reservations

Your Reservation is not confirmed until you’ve done ALL THREE steps.

If you need assistance, please email our communications team or text Michelle at 603-252-2160.


1: Book a Date with Your Miracle Mini!

Choose one of the four minis below and click on the desired date on their appointment calendar below their picture. Available time slots will show up when you click on a date. Select a time slot and then, if you like, you can add the appointment to your calendar. Calendars may take a few seconds to load.





2: Complete and Send Your Release Form

Spirit Walk Reservation Form
All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Appropriate closed-toe footwear is required (boots preferred).
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If No, please go back and do Step 1, then complete this form. Thank you!

3: Make Your Donation

Suggested donation is $50. All donations go to filling the food bank to feed the Horse Protection horses.