Adoption FAQ

Forever Homes Wanted!

We are seeking permanent adoptive homes. The horses may not be sold, given away or used for breeding. In the event that the placement does not work out for any reason, the adopted horse must be returned to Horse Protection.

All unstarted, untrained, green horses require an experienced horse person with a background of training horses who has a training plan for the horse’s education. Horse Protection reserves the right to approve or deny a potential adoptive home at Horse Protection’s sole discretion.

Veterinarian Recommended Horse Adoption Tips

What is the adoption process?

  1. Horse Protection’s Adoption Coordinator will schedule a call with the prospective adopter to determine which horse is best suited.
  2. The prospective adopter completes an adoption application. Mail or email completed application with all necessary photos and documentation to: Horse Protection Association of Florida, 20690 N.W. 130th Avenue, Micanopy, Florida 32667
  3. If the application is approved the prospective adopter meets the horse.
  4. An adoption agreement is the last step in the process (note that adoption fees are encouraged for horses and the adoption fee differs depending on the training of the horse).

What is the difference between adoption and fostering?

Whether you choose to adopt or foster, we greatly appreciate you helping the Horse Protection horses. Whenever an equine is adopted or fostered, we are able to rescue more equines in need. The difference between the two is that fostering is intended to be a non-permanent custody of the horse where the fosterer cares for the horse on the fosterer’s property. Note that fostering may be eligible for a Tax deduction. So please speak with your tax professional about this great opportunity.

What is Horse Protection's policy regarding an adoptive home?

Adoptive homes must have a minimum of 2 acres of grass pasture per horse, horse safe fencing and safe shelter. Adoption to private homes is preferred as it is a natural environment where the adopted horse is living with other horses. A completed adoption application must be received by Horse Protection Association of Florida before any specific horse can be considered for the applicant. The adoption application must include photos of:

  • The facility where the horse will be kept
  • Turnout, pasture
  • Fences
  • Water sources
  • Barn or Shelter
  • Photos of currently owned horses and/or dogs

Are there adoption fees?

Horse Protection exists solely on donations. Thus, adoption fees are requested.

What horses/donkeys are available?

Visit our equine profiles to meet our available horses.

Do you have any bombproof trail horses?

Although all our horses are lovable and adorable, we cannot say that ANY horse is bombproof. A horse is a prey animal and their instinct is to flee from anything that they perceive as danger. It is up to you, the adopter, to form a trusting relationship with your horse so that your horse feels safe in your presence and acknowledges your leadership.

What if I can't keep my rescued horse any longer?

Horses will be placed in the home most suitable for each individual horse. Horses are seeking permanent adoptive homes and may not be sold, given away or used for breeding. Horse Protection retains ownership rights to the adopted horses. In the event that the placement does not work out for any reason, the adopted horse must be returned to Horse Protection, or may be transferred to a new adopter after approval for adoption by Horse Protection and completion of an adoption agreement before the horse changes possession.

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