In Memoriam

harris1In Memory of Rebecca “Becca” Harris

In honor of Becca’s love for animals, especially horses, her parents are asking for donations to the Horse Protection Association of Florida in lieu of flowers.
Rebecca Marie Harris, “Becca”, born on October 21, 1991 in Gainesville, Fla. died on July 11, 2012 in Gainesville as a result of a hit and run accident while riding her bicycle. She resided in Longwood, Florida.
Rebecca was an emerging junior at the University of Florida, member of Theta Alpha, a Christian sorority, and employed at Salad Creations in Shands Hospital. Rebecca was a member of the First Assembly of God church in Gainesville and Summit Church in Orlando. She was very active with skate boarding, surfing, cycling, paddle boarding and enjoying life with friends and family. Rebecca graduated from Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs in 2010 with honors and played the clarinet in the LBHS marching band. During her youth, Rebecca was an active member of Annunciation Catholic Church and served as an altar server. She and her sisters attended middle school at Annunciation Catholic Academy.
During her brief 20 years of life, Becca experienced much joy and had a strong love for life and others. With a ready smile and a willingness to sacrifice herself for others, she was a positive force and source of comfort for many. Becca was known as easy going and had an ability to lighten any mood with her quirky sense of humor. She enjoyed thought provoking conversations, listening to music and journaling. She had a deep fondness for everything chocolate and had a special connection with all animals. Known for her sweet, loving disposition, Becca was truly a gift to us from God and she will be intensely missed by many friends and family.



Penelope 1974 – 2010

Dearly loved by her sponsor Michael Nuzzo and everyone at the HPAF farm. We miss you and Thunder and think of you everyday.




Sahadi Shikari 1978 – 2009

(*Assad X Kameela)






Pedregal 1975 – 2003

(Kofresi X Lorenzia)
Her offspring;
Capriccio de Camael 1994 by Profeta de Besilu
Carmino 1989 by Carmin
Electrico de Don Toqui 1982 by Don Toquito
Engreida de Andante 1992 by Andante de Besilu
Hechizo 1985 by Cascabel de Caruso
La Estampa de ValParaiso 1990 by Carmin



Pedregal 1975 – 2003

Pedregal 1975 - 2003

Pedregal 1975 – 20



Buck age 36

One of the loves of my life. You are a dear, dear horse and I miss you.





Thunder 1980 – 2010

The patriarch of the farm for nine years. At times lovable, at time intolerable, but we loved him none the less.






Dakota was the most amazing mare we have ever known; her desire to please was unmatched by any other horse. She was a beautiful, kind, soft mare that will be greatly missed. We feel blessed to have been able to spend time with her these last few years.

Triple R Ranch, Linda Hancock, Kristy Moore

Thank you to Susan and Linda Wittosh., for making this wonderful home for Dakota possible so that her last years were filled with love and the best care a horse could have. Thank you to Linda Hancock and Kristy Moore for caring for and loving Dakota and for having the strength to let her go when it was time.



Dear Morgan,

I know that you have recently been in contact with my father and I hope I can safely assume that he made you aware of our recent decision. I want to thank you for your kind words and though heartbreaking, much needed advice. We were all thinking the same thing, but were unable to actually say the words. Luke meant the world to my parents and I, and we have you to thank for that. Having him by my side all those years shaped my life and influenced almost every decision I made. He was an absolutely amazing horse, from horse shows to camping trips, and as a fox hunter and a lesson horse. I could go on forever about him and all of the things we did together. I truly feel that Luke’s amazing life is a tribute to you, your organization, and everyone else out there who has dedicated there lives to helping animals like him find homes. Thank you so much for rescuing my baby and allowing him to be a part of my life. If there is ever anything my husband and I can do here in New Orleans to help you guys out please let me know.

Warm Regards,
Rebecca Smedley Doleac
PS. The attached picture is from last Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorites.

aatifaD.S. Aatifa

D.S. Aatifa was a well known Egyptian halter mare in the late sixties and early seventies. When no long breedable, Aatifa and her sister Batina, were given away to a “good home”. This good home sold them to a hack line where they were found in deplorable condition. Aatifa was emaciated and weak, tacked up ready to rented out to the next paying customer. At 28 years of age, Aatifa was being ridden for the first time in her life. Aatifa lived at HPAF for four months before succumbing to organ failure, a result of the starvation she suffered.




Apollo was a 17 hand Thoroughbred gelding, in his late twenties. He was surrendered to HPAF by his long time owner. He lived out his life at HPAF.



Billy was surrendered by his owner in Levy County, who had taken him in, a year earlier. She was unable to get weight on Billy, a 14.2 hand pony. Billy suffered from previous founder and had good days and bad in his years at HPAF. Billy lived out his life with HPAF. He was a very special horse, loved by everyone. We were fortunate to know him and have him with us for his final years.


Buck and Thunder came from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in September 2001. Buck is a sweet 30 something Quarter Horse gelding and Thunder is a twenty something Thoroughbred gelding. Buck lived out his life at HPAF.



Fling was a hunter and lesson pony for 25 years. She spent most of her life locked in a stall or giving lessons to child after child in a ring. As she aged her condition was allowed to deteriorate. After she came to HPAF, Fling gained weight and looked great again. She went to live at the Retirement Home for Horses in Alachua. There she romped and played in lush green pastures with her new friends. Unfortunately the starvation had taken its toll on her body and Fling died of renal failure almost a year later.


Lady is a thirty something part Tennessee Walker mare. Years of neglect have taken their toll on Lady, before she came to HPAF. Lady became fat and sassy and kept all the other horses away from her beau “Trigger”. Lady passed away peacefully with Trigger by her side.


lt-alyLt. Aly

Lt. Aly was a handsome Thoroughbred Gelding. At three years of age, he recovered from a serious hock infection that occurred as a result of being kicked by another horse. He was given away to what was supposed to be a good home, but after 3 years of being abused and passed around, he was dumped in the East Everglades emaciated and near death. After his experiences, Lt. Aly had a great distrust for humans. You had to work hard to earn his trust, but it was worth it. He was a sweet, proud horse from royal lineage and a great friend. Lt. Aly was with us for 5 years and 5 days. Over time the arthritis from his old injury became progressively worse and the pain became unmanageable and Lt. Aly was euthanized. He was a very special friend who we will miss very much.



Snowy was a severely abused Paso Fino mare. A more terrified creature you have never seen. Snow came along over time, especially with her adoptive mom, Sonja. Although she never became quiet or completely trusting, she did know good care for the last years of her life before she succumbed to cancer





Sweetie was abandoned in the “Horse Country” area of Kendall in Miami. A very kind pony, Sweetie knew adoring care from her adoptive mom, Mary for the final years of her life.





“Sir Tony the Lion Hearted” The most wonderful brave pony you could ever hope to meet. Tony was abandoned and trying to find food in garbage cans. Tony was with us for six years before being adopted to a wonderful home where he lived out his life.




Willy did not survive.