Sponsor A Horse

Sponsor a Horse

Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring a horse at HPAF is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Sponsorship is available for you to be able to provide for a specific horse of your choice. There is a great need for sponsors for horses that require ongoing training in order to be adoptable. Training is the second biggest expense after feed. The main ingredient to a horse being adoptable is training.

As a sponsor, your financial support ensures the necessary care is given to these horses. For as little as $35 a month, you will help to provide the necessary care for your sponsored horse.

Sponsorship Levels

Bronze – The bronze level covers hoof trimming for your sponsored horse.
A $35 monthly donation makes you a Bronze level sponsor.

Ruby – The ruby level covers grain and hoof trimming for your sponsored horse.
A $100 monthly donation makes you a Ruby Sponsor

Silver – The silver level covers hoof trimming, hay and grain for your sponsored horse.
A $200 monthly donation makes you a Silver sponsor

Gold – The gold level covers hoof trimming, feed, deworming, annual floating, Coggins test and vaccinations for your sponsored horse.
A $250 monthly donation makes you a Gold sponsor

Platinum – The platinum level is ideal for sponsors of our lifetime residents. These are un-adoptable horses that are most often elderly and will live out their days at the farm. The platinum level ensures that these horses receive everything they need to live a peaceful retirement here at HPAF. This includes hoof trimming, hay, grain, supplements,, deworming, annual floating, Coggins test, vaccinations and vet care.
A $300 monthly donation makes you a Platinum sponsor .

Diamond – This level is for horses who require training. The diamond level ensures that your sponsored horse has everything he or she needs each month. This includes hoof trimming, hay, grain, supplements, deworming, annual floating, Coggins test, vaccinations, vet care, and training.
A $1000 monthly makes you a Diamond sponsor.

As a sponsor you will receive a HPAF Newsletter, updates and photos of the horse(s) you wish to sponsor, recognition in the HPAF Newsletter and website, and visitation rights with your sponsored horse.

Sponsor a Horse Today

Currently Sponsored Horses
Thank You.
Michael Nuzzo of Miami, Florida for sponsored Penelope and our dear Scarlet until their passing and now sponsors Polo and Legacy
Elly Mims sponsors Fancy
Susan Dresnick of Pinecrest sponsors Abbey
Karen Fischer of Ocala sponsors Roxy
Dianne Haddick of Cheverly, MD sponsors Buttercup.
Jean Pecor of Shelburne, VT. sponsors Cindy.
Rosemary Taylor & Eugene Rodriguez of Brandon sponsor Hope.
Kathie Schlesinger of Coral Gables sponsors Moo Moo
Chris Williams sponsors Zania
Kelly Smith sponsors Heart
Beverley West of Miami sponsors Hermoso
Diana Griffis Double D Ranch Dunnellon sponsors Amigo
Hollydonk Christina Meng of Gainesville

Horses available for sponsorship

 Click on image for larger view

Allie TB Mare age 6

Bongo Paso gelding age 12

Beauty TB mare raced

Baby Doll Appaloosa twenties

Bri Paso mare

Bonnie 6-21-15

Chanel Arabian mare teenager

Buzzy aka Card Shark TB gelding raced

Bruno teenage TB gelding

DempseyTB gelding

Cindy Appaloosa mare age 35

Hannah Shetland Pony mare

Engreida Momma Paso Fino age 19

Destiny TB mare raced early twenties

Lulu Feral Mustang mare age 17


Moo Moo Tb gelding age 19

Monet Paso mare age 11

Mia Anglo Arab mare age 5

Music TB gelding raced

Mr Hollywood TB gelding age 8

Pookie aka Lucero de Nostalgia age 30

Poco Quarter Horse age 2

Roxy age 2 (sponsored) & Ruby age 2

Silver TB gelding age 8

Softly TB filly age 4

Sunday Paso age 2

Sunshine Paso mare age 6

Tommy Paso gelding age 7

Vogue Paso age 2 6-16-16

Trixie TB mare age 6

Chancey age 25

Texas TB mare

Peaches age 15

Scrappy TB gelding


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