Companion Horses

A companion horse is an un-rideable horse. They are either elderly, unsound for riding or have issues from past abuse that left them mentally unsuitable for riding. Companion horses are healthy and pasture sound and are suitable as companions for another horse(s). Some of the companion horses are sound for playing the Parelli Seven Games on the ground and can do in hand obstacle challenges too!

Assistance with transportation may be available for Unrideable Companion Horses within the Eastern United States (east of the Mississippi) to lifetime homes.

Horse Protection raises money to provide transport with donations from caring people. If you can donate so more horses can go to a home of their own, please go click on the Blue Donate Now button on the top or send donations to:

Horse Protection Association of Florida
20690 NW 130 avenue
Micanopy, Florida 32667

Call or email to find your perfect Companion Horse.
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