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Companion horse cupido
Companion horse cupido

My name is Cupido and I am a 24 year old Paso Fino. They named me Cupido because I’m very lovable. I am a sweet gentleman who was rescued from starvation. I have had a bout of founder (which means my feet our ouchy) and need special medication and special shoes to help me feel better. But I am a trooper and am very brave throughout it all. I would make a great companion horse. Thanks for helping me and caring about me. Love, Cupido

Breed: Paso Fino

Age: 24

Gender: Gelding

Size: 14.2h

Color: Bay 

Companion Horses

Equines that are not rideable, but are suitable to live happily with other horses are offered as companions. Horse Protection evaluates its horses extensively and provides them with natural horsemanship training to give them any basic groundwork skills that may be lacking so they are suitable companions. Each equine is an individual. We encourage you to learn more about our adoption process.

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