My name is Pixie and I am twenty five years old. I am a Quarter Horse/Mustang cross. My caregiver could not care for me anymore as she was elderly. But Horse Protection came to my aid. I am a very high-spirited gal (I don’t act my age 😊). I like doing neck stretches (especially where there are carrots involved) and I like hanging out with my friends Jackie and Trinity. Please cheer for both me and Horse Protection and route us on! Thank you for caring about me. Love, Pixie.

Breed: Mustang/QH

Age: 25

Gender: Mare

Size: 15h

Color: Red Bay

Arrival: 2022

To learn more about Pixie, contact our Adoption Coordinator. All of our potential adoptions begin with a conversation.

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Companion Horses

Equines that are not rideable, but are suitable to live happily with other horses are offered as companions. Horse Protection evaluates its horses extensively and provides them with natural horsemanship training to give them any basic groundwork skills that may be lacking so they are suitable companions. Each equine is an individual. We encourage you to learn more about our adoption process.

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