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Tommy horse for adoption
Tommy horse for adoption

My name is Iris, and I am an eleven-year-old Mustang. I was rescued from starvation and neglect along with fifteen other horses in Levy County. The Sheriff’s office in Levy County and Horse Protection teamed up to save our lives. I was feral when I came to Horse Protection, but I have been learning this thing called Parelli Natural Horsemanship which I like. It helps me understand people and helps people understand me. I am athletic and outgoing. Please route for me and help me find my forever home. Love, Iris.

Breed: Mustang

Age: 11

Gender: mare

Size: 14.2h

Color: Chestnut

Condition Upon Arrival: neglected

Arrival: 2023


To learn more about Iris, contact our Adoption Coordinator. All of our potential adoptions begin with a conversation.

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Awaiting Training

Horse Protection evaluates its horses extensively and provides them with natural horsemanship training to give them the best chance to find a loving human partner. The horses in this category are undergoing that process. We try to understand each horse well before offering him or her for adoption.
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