Ryan with Iris, who made excellent progress on her first day. 

First Steps with the Mustangs

On this first day, Ryan and Emily focused on our mustang flower girls: Petunia, Iris, Rose, and Lily. It was a day of getting to know each of the mares, who have had little to no handling since their adoption several years ago and were recently neglected and starved. The first step was getting each of them separated into a safe pen. Petunia didn’t make it that far today, but she did stick around and watch her girlfriends learn some things.


Rose had an amazing day! Since coming to Horse Protection, she has been untouchable. She made massive strides very quickly. Emily worked with her on being led around and giving to pressure. By the end of the session she was walking around easily with Emily while also accepting lots of scratches and rubs. She was willing to drop her head when asked, be pat down with the stick and string and even practiced haltering.

Here she is, getting her first halter.


Iris accomplished a lot today. She began her session very apprehensive, but was still able to achieve a lot. By the end, Ryan was able to lead her around a few steps with a rope around her. He was also able to walk up and pet her multiple times. 


Lily surprised us! Of all the flower girls, she has been the most approachable by the Horse Protection Staff. After a short while in the round pen with Ryan, she became quite unconfident, even trying to jump out. Ryan felt that it would be best and safest to work with her further after raising the height of the corral walls.

Here, Ryan explains how he will be working with Lily in the round pen to the Horse Protection staff.

Tomorrow's Another Day!

We’ll be sharing daily reports on the horse’s progress, pictures and video clips.